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Accessibility training and accessibility audits from UK digital accessibility consultancy

A place where everyone’s welcome

You probably know that digital accessibility is difficult, which is why you are here.

If you are worried that you need to do more, then fear not. We absolutely love spending our days at Digital Accessibility opening digital doors that may otherwise be closed for people who still need to gain access to your website or digital product.

Nothing makes us happier, and we want to help you get that same warm fuzzy feeling too.

Digital accessibility is important vital

On the surface your website may look welcoming, but looks can be deceiving. What does your website sound like to those who cannot see? How does it function for those who do not use a mouse? What is the experience like for those who have a hidden disability?

If you have invested time and money in a website that is mobile compatible, isn’t time you invested in human compatibility?

Protect your brand by providing all users with a great experience. In fact, the law requires it but we do not want to beat you with that stick.

If you feel lost in the vast ocean that is digital accessibility, then find your way with our Digital Accessibility training or Digital Accessibility audits.

What can help you attain accessibility conformance

  1. Digital Accessibility provides tailored training with engaging accessibility workshops.

  2. Accessibility audits for your website with bespoke recommendations (not just an automated report).

  3. Learn from our free accessibility resources.


We recently ran a series of workshops for a well known international organisation who wanted their product teams to learn more about accessibility.

The participants kindly gave ★★★★★ reviews for all of the workshops.

We also conducted an accessibility audit and handled the accessibility remediation for Southwark Music.

Our clients said…

It was a combination of engaging tasks to highlight real life issues, learning materials and examples of lived experiences from the presenter. It was a good introduction to the general topic and gave a good grounding for the next session.


Feedback for Thinking about accessibility differently workshop

Thanks for this. Always good to have an accessibility Spring clean. It’ll make a difference to our users.

Gordon Maguire, Head at Southwark Music

Feedback following a Digital Accessibility Audit

I think the workshop did a great job in teaching the key elements of approaching accessibility but through a digital/technical lens. I think it was well planned and paced —the tasks helped me keep engaged. Thank you!

Policy & Operations Manager

Feedback for Thinking about accessibility differently workshop

Very informative. A safe space where no questions felt silly. Practical exercises were engaging and educational

Team Coordinator

Feedback for Thinking about accessibility differently workshop

I liked the specificity for software problems, openness of discussions, friendliness of the speaker and practical recommendations.

Product Manager

Feedback for Thinking about accessibility differently workshop

This workshop went through accessibility issues that can be easily missed by people who might not experience them. Very engaging.


Feedback for Thinking about accessibility differently workshop

Clients we work with

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Other useful resources

VoiceOver commands guide

If you are a screen reader newbie, then this convenient cheatsheet contains common commands for Apple’s Voiceover.


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The Bypass Block

What is a Bypass Block? If you don’t know then this video provides instructions on how to check if your website contains one.


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