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Digital Accessibility was born out of a desire to make a difference. A difference to every user who relies on access to the digital world, but finds the door firmly closed.

In truth, the world wide web is a difficult place to navigate unless you can use both a keyboard and mouse — with too many website owners unaware of their website’s inaccessibility.

If we find that immensely frustrating, it pales in comparison to a person who cannot use your service.

Our goal is to assist teams to create a more friendlier digital world where every digital door is open. One where everyone’s welcome.


Simon Leadbetter

The Accessibility Guy

A black & white photo of Simon, a smiling middle-aged white man with short hair and a short beard.
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Claire Scaramanga

Client Services Director

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Scaramanga Marketing

Digital Accessibility was born out of and remains part of Scaramanga Marketing.

Accessibility is a thread that runs throughout Scaramanga’s long history. It is part of our DNA, so it was important to us to get our message across loud-and-clear — hence the formation of Digital Accessibility.

Visit the Scaramanga website to learn more about how we deliver business growth to clients through inclusive marketing.

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