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Accessibility audits

An accessibility audit from Digital Accessibility is more than a spreadsheet of failed check points — although we do include these.

We spend time manually checking your website with a screen reader and using keyboard navigation. We even provide a video highlighting the issues.

Our accessibility audit also includes practical tips, so your development team can get on with the job and you can become digital accessibility champions.

Do remember that accessibility fixes are not a one-time task. You will need to recheck your efforts time-and-time again. Obviously, we are happy to help with that.

Four pages spread out like a fan. The pages sit on a solid grey background.

A few pages from a Digital Accessibility audit

Our clients said…

Thanks for this. Always good to have an accessibility Spring clean. It’ll make a difference to our users.

Gordon Maguire, Head at Southwark Music

Feedback following a Digital Accessibility Audit