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Accessibility training

Every organisation is different and every team has different levels of experience.

Our Digital Accessibility workshops are designed to offer both an insight into the world of accessibility for those with limited knowledge and practical guidance for web developers and product teams on how to test and implement changes to gain conformance against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

We have recently delivered these workshops to BAFTA.

We will tailor our Digital Accessibility workshops to meet the needs of your organisation; however, we recommend that these workshops be delivered as a series.


Thinking about accessibility differently: developing a curious mindset and changing behaviour

If you don’t have a disability, it can be difficult to understand what you need to look for and how you can improve your awareness.

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How to embed accessibility into your workflow

Looking at things through a more technical lens. In this workshop we establish a conformance checklist that can be used as reference for future compliance auditing; explore the techniques you can use to test a website and get our first listen of a screen reader in action.

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Practical session on advanced accessibility techniques

A practical demonstration on how to identify issues and use a screen reader. We also explore how to use ARIA properly.

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Turning website managers and content authors into accessibility champions

The way you add content to your website is vital for continued conformance. This workshop highlights the main trip points that can cause accessibility issues.

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Our clients said…

Very informative. A safe space where no questions felt silly. Practical exercises were engaging and educational

Team Coordinator

Feedback for Thinking about accessibility differently workshop

It was a combination of engaging tasks to highlight real life issues, learning materials and examples of lived experiences from the presenter. It was a good introduction to the general topic and gave a good grounding for the next session.


Feedback for Thinking about accessibility differently workshop