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Practical session on advanced accessibility techniques

In-person at client’s premises or virtual call
2 hours
Technical level
Technical team, Product managers
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More practical demonstration than presentation. This advanced accessibility workshop will take you beyond simply attaining WCAG conformance with automated tools and make you an accessibility champion.

We take a look at how to implement advanced techniques such as ARIA into your workflow and share technical tips about what to look for when improving accessibility for your projects.

Black text on a white background saying: The first rule of ARIA is not to use ARIA.

Review of the following areas of accessibility:

  • Language
  • Focus
  • Forms
  • Images
  • Listings entries
  • Tables
  • Landmarks
  • Link text
  • Menu systems (modal and drop down)
  • Focus traps
  • Skip links
  • Meta titles
  • Duplicate links (caused by breadcrumb navigation, logos)

ARIA examples, including:

  • aria-label
  • aria-labelledby
  • ARIA live regions
  • Reduced motion and animations
  • High contrast mode
  • Roving tab index

And we will take a look at how to use the rotor menu and testing with Voiceover.

Black text on a white background saying: Using a screen reader for the first time is like hearing a train timetable being read in a foreign language.

Our clients said…

It was really informative. Good to know that I'm at least I've been shooting in the right direction when I've been testing keyboard and screen readers. I think it's given a really good grounding for the team to move forward, especially the developers. They can consider this when they are working.

Product Manager

Feedback for Practical session on advanced accessibility techniques workshop

I appreciated the workshop's focus on practical examples, showcasing the granularity of the accessibility process and the multitude of small adjustments that can be made. It was enlightening to see so many options available for implementation. Simon communicates very clearly and he has been incredibly helpful in sharing his knowledge with us. Thank you Simon!

Customer Support Executive

Feedback for Practical session on advanced accessibility techniques workshop

Simon Leadbetter

Meet the trainer

Simon Leadbetter

Simon is our lead Accessibility consultant. With over 30 years website design and development experience, working with clients from International brands to arts festivals. His commitment to inclusivity, deep technical knowledge, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm for accessibility make a powerful combination.


This workshop is part of a series and is include in a package tailored to different audiences.