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Thinking about accessibility differently: developing a curious mindset and changing behaviour

In-person at client’s premises or virtual call
2 hours
Technical level
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If you are looking for an introduction into the world of Accessibility, then this workshop is for your team.

No guilt tripping, pressure tactics or cliches to be found in this accessibility workshop. You can get that from other sources. Our goal is to educate and inspire, so your team leaves seeing the world from a different perspective.

There is no better way to learn than by 'experience’ so we will ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’. Metaphorically speaking. There will be no shoe swapping.

Over two hours we will cover many topics, including:

  • The reason why accessibility is needed
  • The scale of disabilities in the UK
  • The impact invisible disabilities can have on individuals
  • How your choice of colour and typeface can make a difference
  • Explore the accessibility challenges of an everyday occurrence

You will leave this accessibility workshops with a far greater understanding about the importance of accessibility and the reason why it is so essential for those who rely on it.

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A slide from the presentation: Accessibility vs Disability

Our clients said…

This workshop went through accessibility issues that can be easily missed by people who might not experience them. Very engaging.


Feedback for Thinking about accessibility differently workshop

The workshop is very interactive and it gave me an insight on topics I had never had the chance to dig deep into. I really liked knowing a bit more about practical ideas (typography, design etc.)

Customer Support Executive

Feedback for Thinking about accessibility differently workshop

I think the workshop did a great job in teaching the key elements of approaching accessibility but through a digital/technical lens. I think it was well planned and paced —the tasks helped me keep engaged. Thank you!

Policy & Operations Manager

Feedback for Thinking about accessibility differently workshop

Simon Leadbetter

Meet the trainer

Simon Leadbetter

Simon is our lead Accessibility consultant. With over 30 years website design and development experience, working with clients from International brands to arts festivals. His commitment to inclusivity, deep technical knowledge, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm for accessibility make a powerful combination.


This workshop is part of a series and is include in a package tailored to different audiences.