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Turning website managers and content authors into accessibility champions

In-person at client’s premises
3 hours
Technical level
Website managers and content authors
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All too often, accessibility conformance is broken by a failure to understand the basics. This workshop aims to train your team on how to get this right and gain skills to spot any trip points.

Example topics covered include:

  • Adding content in a semantic manner (good for SEO and accessibility)
  • The importance of video caption
  • The pitfalls of tabular content
  • Learning the importance of a roving tab index
  • Testing your content with a screen reader and other tools
  • Tips when creating social media posts
  • Things to ask/check when commissioning new development work
Simon Leadbetter

Meet the trainer

Simon Leadbetter

Simon is our lead Accessibility consultant. With over 30 years website design and development experience, working with clients from International brands to arts festivals. His commitment to inclusivity, deep technical knowledge, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm for accessibility make a powerful combination.


This workshop is part of a series and is include in a package tailored to different audiences.